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Greenline Interiors Expands Foothold in Key Markets

UAE-based company announces 3 new offices across the region in a concerted push to expand its regional footprint

Greenline Interiors (GLI) is proud to announce that it has completed the first phase of its planned expansion in the region. Starting in 2011,GLI unveiled its newly built Saudi Arabian offices strategically located in Riyadh. With an ongoing hospitality boom in the kingdom, the new offices will help cement GLI as a key player in the Saudi fit-out industry.

In 2012,TheGreenpoint a sister company to GLI was established in the Jordanian Kingdom, with offices in Amman backed by a dedicated and skilled workforce, the company has already signed a project with many more in the pipeline. In 2013 GLI was proud to announce the unveiling of their Qatari offices, under the name of Linia Verde the company has helped establish a permanent presence in the gas rich country.

Samir Badro, CEO and Chairman of the Greenline Group was quoted as saying that "The first phase of the expansion was planned to coincide with the forecasted growth of the industry in this region", he went to say that "We have signed various projects in the targeted regions and we envisage further growth in the years to come "


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