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UAE's Greenline Interiors Awarded Lucrative Jordanian Project

Recently opened regional office in Amman announces Rotana Hotel Contract

The Greenpoint(GP),a sister company of Greenline Interiors(GLI) was recently unveiled in the Jordanian capital of Amman with the aim of expanding the Greenline Groups reach into new untapped markets. Within a short period the company has justified the strategy behind the expansion with the announcement that they have signed a lucrative contract that includes the complete interiors package of the planned Rotana Hotel Amman.

The Rotana group, a power house in the Middle East hospitality sector has shown true vision throughout the planning process, and an unnamed industry insider has done little to quash the rumour that the building will be the tallest hotel in Amman, when asked if this rumour was true he went on to state that " In this day and age only the boldest make their mark and the Rotana Group is certainly not shy in that respect ".

GP has revealed that the signed contract includes 412 guest rooms in addition to all the public areas and restaurants. The scope of works includes all the joinery work in addition to all the wall finishes. In order to showcase an example of the finished product to both the client and the designers (LWD),the company has completed two mockups which can be found on-site in Amman in addition to the Greenline factory in The Jebel Ali Free Zone.

Situated in a prestigious district of Amman,the luxurious hotel will stand as a true testament to Greenlines' ability to turn the most opulent of dreams into reality.


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